Schedule: Thursday, June 4

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  • Track codes:
  •  RDM = Research Data Management 
  •  DSPD = Data Services Professional Development 
  •  DIA = Data Infrastructure and Applications 
9:00-10:00 Plenary 2: Curtiss Cobb, Facebook  Willey 125
10:00-10:15 break
10:15-12:15 Block 4 D1 Data Professionals  DSPD   Blegen 120
D2 First Products of the Research Data Alliance (RDA): Foundations  RDM   Blegen 150
D3 Leveraging Metadata  DIA   Blegen 130
D4 MPC Data Infrastructure  DSPD   Blegen 155
D5 Curation and Research Data Repositories  RDM   Blegen 135
12:15-13:30 lunch
13:30-15:30 Block 5 E1 Geospatial and Qualitative Data  DIA   Blegen 150
E2 First Products of the Research Data Alliance (RDA): Integration and Sustainability  RDM   Blegen 155
E3 Data User Insights  DSPD   Blegen 135
E4 Enhancing Search and Discovery  DIA   Blegen 130
E5 Restricted-Use Data Support in Academic Libraries  DSPD   Blegen 120
15:30-15:45 break
15:45-16:45 Pecha Kucha  TBC
18:30-21:30 IASSIST Banquet TCF Stadium